Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 steps closer to bringing home Annie!

Oh my gosh I'm so excited! We FINALLY got our I600 (immigration approval) from the U.S. for Annie to come home. It took 5 weeks, was approved on Monday and we got the approval letter in the mail today. The wait was supposed to be 4-8 weeks so I'm so happy it wasn't longer.

I called my agency to let them know the good news. She was happy and said that everything is ready on the Korea side! I was like, what do you mean everything is ready and she said my baby has departure permission and her passport is all done. I asked her if that meant she had "EP" and she said yes. I asked when that happened and she said a week or 2 ago. Having EP is so important and basically now EVERYTHING is approved on both the US and Korea side and it's just a matter of the approved paperwork going through the Visa Centers and Embassies via snail mail.

So now I have I600 & EP! I'm shaking I'm so excited. She said the average time to travel from I600 approval is 4-6 weeks but the quickest she has seen is 3 weeks. That puts travel between March 16th - April 6th.

So much to do!