Monday, August 17, 2009

Beach Babe

We went to Santa Cruz a while ago so I have some photos to share.

Annie is having a rough time sleeping lately but is walking, talking and learning so much! Here are her words:
ma ma
da da
buh buh = buddy (Calvin's nick name)
nah nah = Nathan
ba ba = bottle
bay bay = baby (what she calls herself)
poo poo
nie nie = night night
hehwo = hello
bye bye
mah ma (rhymes with grandma) = grandma
ta da (she raises her arms up and says this after daddy flips her)
uh oh
no no (she wags her finger back and forth while saying this)
diapah = diaper
dat = that (what she says when she points at something she wants or is interested in)
bah = bath

I may be missing a few. She also mimics us a lot so we get more words but the ones above are words she uses accurately. Right now she is crawling down the hallway, saying "bah bah" asking for a bath!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We have a walker!

Annie took her first steps the week before her 1st birthday. She still crawls most of the time but every day she's walking more and more. Yesterday she took 21 steps in a row including a big turn!

She's also talking like crazy. She's up to about 15 or so words.

A few weeks ago we went to my Dad's retirement party. It was held at the Compass Rose Gardens in Bodega Bay, the same place Lance and I got married. Here are a few photos from that evening.

Had to share this sweet happy girl at a recent neighbor's birthday party.

Yesterday we went to the fair. After Annie recovered from her first public meltdown we all had a good time!

We're doing well here. Still working on sleeping but I'm sure that will work out eventually...right?