Monday, July 27, 2009

Annie got her first haircut.

I asked the woman to trim her bangs to her eyebrows so they weren't hanging in her eyes anymore. They are a good TWO inches above her eyebrows now! :( She doesn't even look like the same girl. Thank goodness they'll grow.

*Edited to add photos. I wanted it cut so that I wouldn't have to put a hair clip in it 100% of the time. Now I will have to until it grows an inch or so. Should only take a few weeks...

Monday, July 20, 2009

1 year checkup & the water table!

Sweet Annie had her 1 year check up today and is doing great! When we brought her home at 9 months she was at the 42th percentile for weight and the 81st for height! She's gained 4 pounds and has grown an inch in the last 3 months. So now she is 22.75 pounds and 29.75" which is the 73rd percentile for weight and 65th for height! My sweet little chunky girl. :-)

Annie got the greatest water table from her Grandma Sue and Grandpa Alan for her birthday. She loves it (as shown below)!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Annie is one!

I can't believe it. Annie turned one on Saturday. We did a Korean Tol celebration at her party. In Korea turning one is cause a big celebration and Annie's foster mom gave us a beautiful Hanbok for her to wear on her first birthday.

Part of the celebration includes Annie picking items on a table, each with a meaning to predict her future. She chose the needle and thread and then the money which means she will have a long life and be wealthy! It was a lot of fun.