Friday, March 21, 2008

Did I say 2009?

Maybe I should change that to 2010? I thought when we were placed on the waiting list a couple months ago I was given an estimate of about 12 months until referral. Maybe I misunderstood. I just hung up with the agency now and she estimated 10-12 months before we begin our homestudy. :( We're #21 on the waiting list and we're to start the homestudy when we're #10 so if it might take 10-12 months to get to #10, than it might also take that long to get to #1 and our referral. Add another 2-4 months to that, waiting to travel and it looks to me like 22-28 months from right now. We started the process a little over 3 months ago and I'm already feeling impatient. Keep your fingers crossed that they're estimating a little high because things have slowed down lately and that they will speed up again soon!

There's a spot on my lap waiting for our baby girl -


Chris & Kelly said...

Hoping it will be 2009 not 2010! We moved from #33 to #8 in 8 months on the girl list, so it's possible that things will pick up again and you will move up that list at lightning speed! I can't wait to see that you're movin' on up that list and closer to your precious angel.

Emily said...

Dear Kori:

I've been a fan of your sewing at Club Thread for a long time. I found your blog through Sewing Mamas and used to know you through Amity. I remember your desire for a girl then, too.

I just wanted to tell you to hold tight, your little girl will come to you. I went to China in Sept 2005 and brought home my daughter, my youngest child. I know how crazymaking the wait can feel.

Allison said...

I hope it goes MUCH faster than you're thinking, and you're holding your sweet GIRL soon!