Monday, July 20, 2009

1 year checkup & the water table!

Sweet Annie had her 1 year check up today and is doing great! When we brought her home at 9 months she was at the 42th percentile for weight and the 81st for height! She's gained 4 pounds and has grown an inch in the last 3 months. So now she is 22.75 pounds and 29.75" which is the 73rd percentile for weight and 65th for height! My sweet little chunky girl. :-)

Annie got the greatest water table from her Grandma Sue and Grandpa Alan for her birthday. She loves it (as shown below)!


Kim said...

We have that same table and love it! Wow! 4 lbs! Go Annie! Is she walking yet?

Krista said...

What a cutie! Water table is on the purchase list for next summer!