Thursday, April 9, 2009

Checking in from the agency guest house

I received Annie today at 4pm. It was a very emotional goodbye with her foster mom...hugging and crying. She asked me to please send her photos of Annie with her brothers and growing up. I assured her that I would.

Annie cried for a couple minutes at first and then she shocked me by smiling and giggling! I couldn't believe it! I saw her smile for the first time ever while I was still sobbing from the goodbye. Especially when I got the camera out, she got this huge smile. I got some great photos and video but I can't share it now since I'm no longer on my laptop. They have a computer here that adoptive parents can use which is very thoughtful. So we played on the bed and walked around for about 3 hours before I could tell she was getting sleepy. I tried to lay down with her and soothe her to sleep but she wasn't having any of that. I put her in the Ergo carrier and we walked up and down the stairs and back and forth in the hallways. She cried off and on for about 10 minutes. A few times people came up to look at her and she got really upset. She finally gave up and now she is sound asleep on my chest.

I'm heading to bed too since I've been told she still gets up twice a night for bottles. I hope she's not too scared when she wakes up in a strange bed next to her strange American mommy. I may be in for a long night.


Lucky Mama said...

Congratulations. Best of luck on the next few days hoping for a smooth transition.

Goosegirl said...

Kori, You and Annie are so beautiful together. I will be praying for good sleep and continued good bonding, as well as a smooth flight home. I am so thrilled for you.


Heather said...

Fantastic news! I can't believe you are finally here in Korea and that you finally have your little girl. Best wishes for a safe and easy journey home.

Barbara said...

Kori. I haven't been this emotional over a blog post in a long time! I am so glad you and Annie are finally together and I wish you good bonding time. Have a great trip home.