Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Annie is one!

I can't believe it. Annie turned one on Saturday. We did a Korean Tol celebration at her party. In Korea turning one is cause a big celebration and Annie's foster mom gave us a beautiful Hanbok for her to wear on her first birthday.

Part of the celebration includes Annie picking items on a table, each with a meaning to predict her future. She chose the needle and thread and then the money which means she will have a long life and be wealthy! It was a lot of fun.


ZooTZMomma said...

Happy Birthday Annie! Wow, seems like just yesterday you were posting about adoption. Time has really flown. She is just precious and I love her traditional birthday outfit!

Amber said...

Annie is looking so cute!She is adorable in her Hanbok. Can't wait to get my girl and have her in one! I have to admit I check your blog everyday and am disappointed that there are not daily updates!!! I do have to know what are the colorful ball things on the table by Annie? They are in front of the pineapple in a clear glass bowl. Email me and let me know will ya? I have looked at the picture a few times and can't figure it out.

Amber said...

Happy Happy First Birthday Annie! Your family waited so long for this day! I hope you have many fun filled exciting birthdays ahead of you!

datsivk said...

Happy Birthday, Annie! The party looks like it was wonderful.

M said...

That first picture is AWESOME! Look at that yawn. Happy Birthday.

Kari said...

Awww what a beautiful Birthday. Happy Birthday Annie!!!